Pasta Recipes - Creole noodles

1 m onion, chopped
1 m bell pepper, cut in 1" wide strips
2 T oil
2 c chopped tomatoes, lightly drained (fresh, canned, or mixed)
2 c sliced okra (or green beans), cut in 1" pieces
4 sprigs parsley
2 t minced fresh hot pepper (or .25 t hot pepper sauce)
..5 t dried basil or a few fresh leaves, chopped
..5 t salt (reduce if tomatoes are salted)
3 c cooked noodles or whole wheat spirals or shells
2 c cooked kidney or pinto beans, drained

Saute onion and bell pepper in oil in a 3-quart pot for 5 minutes
to soften. Add tomatoes, okra or green beans, parsley, and
seasonings. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes until vegetables are
just tender. Add pasta and beans and simmer uncovered for 10 minutes.
NOTE: For 3 cups noodles, cooks 2.5 c (5 oz) pasta in boiling
saled water for 10 minutes or until barely tender. This can be
done either in advance or while the sauce simmers.
Menu Suggestions: Serve with a cheese appetizer or with Broccoli
Hollandaise; serve with a green sald. Use fresh fruit for dessert.
serves 4


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